Talks & Seminars

NAMA: National Ayurvedic Medical Association

The Integrative Approach to Depression and Anxiety—This session focused on using Ayurveda and/or yoga either as a main therapy with western medicine in a secondary role or vice-versa. The panel experts included models of integration and provided case studies to highlight practical applications.


Grand Rounds: Ayurveda, Integrative Psychiatry, and a Musician’s Recovery from Bipolar Disorder—This presentation introduced the Integrative Psychiatry approach that combines Ayurveda, Eastern principles, and evidence-based practices to complement the widely-used biopsychosocial model. To illustrate this integrative approach in the real world, a young musician shared his experience of treatment for bipolar disorder, demonstrating the power in combining the best of Eastern and Western approaches in supporting long term mind-body health. You can watch the video recording of this presentation here.

Community Integration Conference,The Menninger Clinic

To Hold, Maintain and Keep: Mind-Body Approaches to Community Integration—The purpose of this conference was to impact the practice of mental health professionals by enhancing knowledge about mind-body approaches to help patients struggling with severe mental illness to reintegrate back into meaningful roles in the community.